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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fibonacci 13 20 33 Ascension Amulet

My Brane-Power tool really is the Beacon,  at least for the most part. I have tested amulets energetically and found them to be different - and in agreement with others testing  the same. I have observed Koyote testing amulets - and seen the "same", gotten the same impression. The testimonials still astound me. And - these amulets are purely and simply beautiful.
I have my own theory of why they work. I even use some myself.

...but  never  has an amulet "hit" me   
like the Fibonacci. It was a special order amulet E.J. Gold had made. He also said it was a good request. The Fibonacci-Obsidian-Nautilus -   I just know I must have one. I will have one.
Regarding this number sequence: Here is the definition from the link  the customer sent: "The 13-20-33 is an energetic emulsion interface combing the connectivity between anti-matter/matter/etheric- matter in a crysto- electric amalgam that creates the energy hum of OM."
The point for me here is: fully developing the harmonious human being and getting to the point of being able to go to the next level.
Here is a link to the Fibonnaci number from a mathematical point of view  Fibonacci - Sacred Geometry       It is one of many you can find.
I still can't explain what exactly the significance is of this frequency of 13:20:33 is, even after reading the relevant parts for it on the referred websites. You are looking for a "frequencial resonance of the 13-20-33 ratio". That is right in line with the harmonics.

I went online to read about the Fibonacci number, Merkaba, Merkava, Ascension, Golden Mean, Sacred Geometry and all the rest. They don't ever really explain what  units the numbers refer to - in fact, the relationship/ratio seems more important.  It really is a ratio. It all seems very "Quantum" to me.
The "New Age" or perhaps mystical explanation is yet another story.
"The ultimate and optimal resonance is the Circuitry of 13-20-33. This is the key ratio and  flow of the graduated, fully blossomed Auric Field."
When the frequencial resonance of the 13-20-33 ratio is optimally achieved, the chakric system is in full circuitry functioning with vortexial centers, helical intake and outtake receivers and transmitters, intra-dimensional conduits of connectivity, and aligned node points of supra-current flux. At his point it is ready to be taken into  MerKiVic geometric crysto-light body vehicle. This channel dude also says elsewhere
 (and  I was relieved to see this):
"And science aside, all of this assay is about you returning to your
higher state, so do not get lost in the syntax. Do not be overwhelmed
by the 'science' or terminology we use, for the higher part of you
already knows the TRUTHS we share with you in this teaching. Indeed
your will to learn and achieve, and 'MerKaNa' is your ticket home. It
is why you are here."

E.J. made this for this purpose and that suits me just fine.  So far this is a special order amulet, so you'll have to Contact Yoyodyne Industries  for it. - and thanks so much whoever requested it.

If you are interested to read more about it this number etc, here ya go:

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